Sports Jerseys for the Team

100% Canadian Made Jerseys for Passionate Canadian Players
July 30, 2018
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May 7, 2019

Sports Jerseys for the Team

Where to Find the Best Sports Jerseys for Your Team

If you’re looking to get new sports uniforms, you might be overwhelmed by all the apparel options out there. Here are some tips on what to look for in your sports apparel to make your team look their best on the court, field, or rink!


Cost vs. Quality

People can tell the difference between good quality jerseys and cheaply made ones. Managers or coaches will try to cut costs by buying their apparel overseas, but ends up looking nothing like what they ordered. Don’t be fooled by the photos on online websites that show decent looking apparel at low prices. These photos are usually edited, or stolen from other suppliers! Read reviews of the stores and check the website’s info to make sure it’s accurate. Don’t just trust the first site that offers a cheap price. The quality of your sports apparel will really make a difference to your team, so don’t cheap out!


Time vs. Convenience

Making sure your apparel gets there in time for the season is the top priority. When coaches order apparel from overseas, they are shocked by how long it takes to get delivered. With all the delays from shipping overseas, it’s not surprising for the apparel to arrive past the season start. You can’t have your sports team show up without a uniform, that just screams unprofessional. Look for sports apparel retailers with reliable shipping so you have one less thing to worry about.


Go Local

You can’t go wrong with going to a local retailer to get your sports apparel done. It’s quick with easier shipping, and they usually have better quality materials to choose from. A company that’s local to Canada is CSG, which provides custom designed apparel to sports teams in Canada. Their apparel is professionally designed and made in Canada, so you know that each item is carefully made. They ship quickly within Canada so that your team can head to practice with pride. Check out their apparel options here.


By Kristal Lok