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July 14, 2017
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September 13, 2017

Ice Hockey in Canada!

CSG International Canada - 100 years of hockey Canada

Ice Hockey is without a doubt the sport most associated with Canada. One source says that its origins are believed to be in Nova Scotia in the 19th century and used be called ice hurley, which gradually became what we know today as Ice Hockey. Hockey made its debut in Montreal, Quebec in 1875.

According to another source, hockey started in Perth, Scotland – north of Edinburgh in the 16th or the 17th century. While the origins of hockey may not be clear, what is certain is that Hockey has become Canada’s most popular sport.  In 1917, this popularity lead to the formation of the National Hockey League, also known as the NHL, in Montreal.

The NHL boasts 7 Canadian and 24 American teams. The designs of hockey jerseys have  evolved over the last century. You can have your own custom-made jerseys, just like those of your favourite NHL hockey legends Jean Beliveau and Bobby Orr.

Like Hockey, CSG International had humble beginnings. It started small then became something huge. The company started by sharpening skates and selling hockey equipment; and now CSG is a company that designs custom jerseys for your hockey team. CSG international can make jerseys similar to the current or vintage designs of your favourite Hockey team. You get to be involved in the process. CSG will design the jerseys to your liking. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Flora Habbab

Flora Habbab