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May 8, 2017
CSG International Canada - Custom jerseys
CSG International: Custom Jerseys and Apparel
July 14, 2017

Custom Jerseys and Sports Apparel

CSG International Canada Logo

CSG International is a Canadian company started by two best friends John Calderone and Mark Stefanopoulos. It started as a service of sharpening skates and selling hockey equipment.  In 1989, the business shifted toward the embroidery industry.

Since 1989, the company currently focuses on custom-made hockey gear. However, there will be CSG apparel for baseball uniforms and jerseys coming soon. CSG will also have custom uniforms and jerseys for other sports. The uniforms and jerseys are made with Canadian-based materials.

You can get custom sports apparel made: everything from jerseys to uniforms. Whether it’s blank, printed or embroidered, buying off the rack is also an option. The options are endless at CSG! If something’s not available on the website, they want to hear from you and will see what they can do. The outfit for your team’s needs can be customized to your liking from embroidery to screen printing. CSG is open to your suggestions for design ideas. You get to be involved in the creation of your team’s uniform. Everything is done in one place.  The best part is their products are made in Canada by the employees at CSG.

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