Custom Apparel for Any Sport: CSG International

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July 26, 2017
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Custom Apparel for Any Sport: CSG International

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Custom Apparel for Any Sport: CSG Int.

CSG International: Custom Apparel for Any Sport

When it comes to sports, many people automatically think of Hockey, Football and Baseball.  What about Golf, Boxing, Curling?  The list goes on of the sports that are practiced globally.  Personally, my favorite sport is Hockey, but that doesn’t mean I forget about the other sports!

Whatever sport you love to play or whichever team you support, if you need a custom jersey, or any sports apparel, CSG International are here to help.  They offer several options and are able to customize your desired product, no matter what your needs are.

By looking at their official website, you can see the several teams who already trust CSG Int. with their team and associations sport apparel needs.

More than just jerseys…

While the company is known for doing amazing work when it comes to jerseys, they are able to do so much more.  From hats, socks, golf polos. to hats, track suits and more- they are always looking to expand the products they offer.

Even if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for on their website, that does not mean that they can’t provide it for you!  Call them (514-738-3899), or e-mail them (, and they will work with you to make sure they give you what you are looking for, no matter what the sport it is for!

Here are a few examples of some of the products they have made other than jerseys:


Interested in getting your own custom apparel made?  What are you waiting for?  Give them a call!