Sometimes it takes two wishes to build a dream. This dream was started with the love of hockey and the urge for complete independence. From humble beginnings in a little pro shop, two friends from college grabbed their winning combination and took off.

Starting after university in 1985, best friends John Calderone and Mark Stefanopoulos began working in local pro shops offering services for sharpening skates and selling hockey equipment. Business was promising but in 1989 after noticing the dramatic demise of sales during the summer seasons, they took their business and decided it needed to be altered into something that could provide a stable amount of work year long.

Investing in a 15 head embroidery machine and moving in to their first office in St-Laurent was the solution. Jumping into the embroidery industry was the birth of CSG, or if you ask John, “Customer Service Guaranteed”.

As the months and years moved on, new machines were purchased, employees were hired and CSG became a strong competitor in the embroidery business. Moving offices once again to a larger and more functional factory, expanding the machinery to 16 embroidery machines was now a necessity to serve new clients and be able to embroider on caps, apparel, golf bags and even umbrellas; there was nothing that they couldn’t do.
Enter 1998 and the recurring requests by clients for top quality headwear, CSG took another gamble and expanded their machines and staff by opening a brand new manufacturing department which would produce 100% Canadian Made Caps. Gaining a good reputation for well made and top quality goods, CSG was featured as a rare find in a sea of brands coming out of China.

During the year of 2001, business was stable yet not expanding. A strong demise in the local cap industry had begun from the rise of products from China. The new techniques and prices were unattainable for anyone in Canada to compete with. This left no choice for CSG but to once again shift gears and expand the manufacturing side into a full service department creating sports uniforms.



Concentrating again on their favourite sport – Hockey, CSG started designing and creating any type of custom team jerseys (Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Football, and more). From the simple solid practice jersey all the way to a fully customized design there is nothing CSG couldn’t produce. Taking a few years to perfect and make their own, CSG has built a strong and unstoppable company that can offer any client full service and a product made from A to Z in house. Keeping every service offered at CSG personal, anyone can call and connect right away with the staff that has been through it all.

From off the rack to Custom Hockey Jerseys, Coveralls, Socks and Custom Baseball Uniforms, we can create the exact look you want!

Aside from being a solid team and a devoted staff, CSG offers you anything your team, school or association desires. Taking all these years of growth and hard work into account, one thing is for certain… Anything is possible at CSG!


All of our quality products are proudly made in Canada by our employees in our facility.