100% Canadian Made Jerseys for Passionate Canadian Players

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September 13, 2017
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March 6, 2019

100% Canadian Made Jerseys for Passionate Canadian Players

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Any passionate hockey player, pro or amateur, is sure to remember the way they felt putting on that first hockey jersey.

Placed overtop of bulky pads, that brightly coloured shirt makes a new player of any age feel nothing short of a superhero! And how about that giddy feeling you get when your name is patched onto your jersey for the first time? Let’s say it like it is – it makes you feel like a star – and it makes you want to play your heart out for your team.

Just like a Christmas gift, that wonderful giddiness tends to endure year after year – each new colourful team jersey a bright reflection of the new hockey season ahead, filled as it is with hope and possibilities. As you survey your new colours, you begin to wonder – will this be the jersey you wear when you play for the team that wins it ALL?

At CSG, we share that unbridled passion for the game with each and every player out on the ice – that’s why we pride ourselves on customizing team jerseys to each and every team’s unique tastes. We built our sports apparel company up from our own personal love of hockey – a game that started right here in Canada, which is why we are so very proud to offer a product 100% MADE IN CANADA.

Customized Jerseys & More

At CSG International, our specialists are committed to designing the jersey to match your team’s precise vision. In addition to customizing official and practice jerseys, we can personalize the rest of your team’s gear too – coveralls, socks, helmets stickers, bags, and MORE!

Whatever look you wish to achieve with your hockey apparel, CSG will proudly make it for your team – anything is possible!

Quality craftsmanship

We believe in producing high quality products only – something we have perfected over 20 years of embroidering sports apparel. The combination of sophisticated machinery used at the hands of our team of skilled craftsmen ensures a quality product every time!

Simple to order

Ordering a 100% Canadian made hockey jersey with us is easy – simply choose your colour and design, and one of our specialists will do the rest. Want to add something more? Whatever special touch you have in mind, we can do it all! The best thing about it – we work fast, and deliver the product right to your door. Visit the CSG website to learn more, or contact us directly to speak to a specialist who will be very happy to assist you with your team apparel needs.